INSTRUCTEDBAG is the result of an investigation into how, one can be made more aware of the spatial aspect of a pattern, where a print is more than just a decoration.


This project is positioned between two worlds. Where the two-dimensional paper pattern of the fashion world is transformed into a three-dimensional volume. The pattern is no longer a stage where the shape of the garment is determined, but is a valuable tool with an intelligent drawing that challenges, to make it possible for all sorts of different people to realize this creation.

The design is determined by the print. Wich means that this print functions not merely as an aesthetic print but also as a pattern.




INSTRUCTEDBAG is an open design in the sense that it is also available online. People who can sew, can download the design from INSTRUCTIONS and make it in a fabric of choice. Following the instructions is recommended for beginners. But the instructions given are merely a guideline to the more advanced, to understand how to use the kit.


INSTRUCTEDBAG presents ideas but wants to encourage you to fabricate and be creative.